Joctopus Rex (holyhackjack) wrote in friends_of_ama,
Joctopus Rex

Landser in English-Portland

When it smells like queers out on the street, you’re in Portland, Portland.
When a punk lies in front of you in his own puke, you’re in Portland,
Across the street at the little gook store, cockroaches crawling on the
And you are warmly, invited into: Portland!

Gays and Liberals, march the streets of Portland, Portland.
Shouting: “Unify to stop the hate” in Portland, Portland.
Turn on the TV & what do you see? The Oregon Spotlight lying about me!
Shut your fucking cock holsters in Portland!


Is there any solution for the liberal scum, in Portland, Portland.
10,000 ways to ruin their fun in Portland, Portland.
Think of all the things to do, to rid our city of all the slew
Use your mind it’s up to you, free Portland!

Think of all the things to do, to rid our city of all the slew.
Use your mind it’s up to you.

(Free Portland X 3)

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