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The Church of Saint Amaimon

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"Daddy, youre changing again, but its not scary this time... Its beautiful."

Have you ever been molested?

Just a young, pink little thing, you liked to sit on his lap. Sometimes he would tickle you, making you laugh. Sometimes he would touch you. He was gentle at first, whispering in your ear about how he was going to teach you about the world.

After awhile he became very mean. The once gentle hands became rough. You made the mistake of crying and felt the blows to the back of your head.

What happened next made you wish you were knocked unconscious.

You tried to distract yourself...leave your body...while your tender young flesh endured the abuse. It seemed to have no end. Sparks flashed behind your eyes as your sphincter was torn open. You begged him to stop before you shit the bed but that just made him pump harder and faster. Eons later you felt a hot rush of fluid between your buttocks and then finally he rolled over.

Over and over, you scrubbed yourself in the bathtub hoping to wash away not only the the stink of sweat and semen, but of that dirty feeling. That dirty feeling that never seems to fade no matter how many times you bathe.

You never told.

Deep down, you knew it was your fault. You knew he was right when he told you that you were nothing but a "pathetic fuck-pig". You knew he was right when he told you that you would never be anything more than a hole for other men to use and abuse. Thus paving the way for your downward spiral.

A lifetime of selling yourself. Rows and rows of cocks waiting to be sucked and jammed deep into your asshole. These men don't care about your feelings. Your purpose in life is to be an open mouth and asshole. Glistening pink with semen.

All you ever wanted was to be loved.

But what are you going to do now that you aren't so young and pretty anymore? Your anus is distended from years of violation. A life of living on the street and consuming copius amounts of drugs has wreaked havoc on your body. Your home is the gutter.

No amount of whiskey or heroin will erase the memories of him. His words will continue to echo in your brain until you eventually die from the HIV that courses through your bloodstream.

"You are NOTHING!"

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