Joctopus Rex (holyhackjack) wrote in friends_of_ama,
Joctopus Rex

Promoting suicide, like the good ol' days.

hotguns cure the pressures of life
Stick one under your chin
You can stop all your problems with a squeeze of a trigger
In the end we're all gonna win
You never did nothing that amounted to shit
Except to whine and bitch and moan
As a matter of fact
I think you're right
We'll all be better off when you're gone

You wanna be like your favorite junkie fag
He did it now you can to
A double O shell is all it's going to take
To cure the "I'm so tired of living" blues
Nobody loves you, no one cares
Nobody pays attention to you
Here's your big chance to be a star
You'll probaly make the six o clock news

It don't take no courage
It don't take no balls
I'll even put the gun in your hand
After all your uesless years of life
You're finally gonna be a man
I'm sick of hearing how bad you wanna die
When you're never going to see it through
If you don't shut up, and pull the trigger
I'm going to have to do it for you

DO IT DO IT stick it under your chin
DO IT DO IT bring your life to an end
DO IT DO IT suicide ain't a crime
If you don't have a shotgun you can borrow mine -Antiseen
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